&... is shorthand for namespace.

In WikiaPerl, It is used as a wildcard by a handler to reserve space for an object that has not yet been named.


In scalar context:

$&...="$subroutine name";

The un-named subroutine held in $&... (a blank namespace can have pre-defined properties and attributes to pass to other contexts, elements or objects within an environment.

array Edit

In the list context:


&... positioned as the second-to-last item in @heap as an empty container or wrapper for an object having the same context, properties, attributes and methods as the other members of the array.

Search for heap in POE documentation

hash Edit

In an object environment that generates reference tables &...'s purpose is to establish a scope:


%&... is now a lexically scoped namespace for $N that is referenced by $n.

Scope and Anonymous Blessing Edit

You've probably heard that perl is well-known as a glue language. Well &... is the WikiaPerl gluestick!

If you already know the name for your scoped or blessed object, but are missing a reference number, name, Name or NAME, you can establish properties like constraint, direction, weight or priority. In the context of time:

Use cases Edit

We always end up in the local context around here &... and now.

daily Edit

You have an array:

@=($Sunday, $&..., Thursday);

$&... is a $DayName between Sunday and Thursday.

weekly Edit

You have a hash table:


@&... is the placeholder for a user's selection of a day of the week value. The user enters "Friday" and gets a report from the I/O module about this Friday or all the Fridays this Year.

monthly Edit


July >
August >
September >

&... represents ({{CURRENTMONTH}} + 2) referencing month-after-next:


Don't forget to offset!

quarterly Edit

Main Page/3 | Main Page/4


Main Page/1 | Main Page/2

In this case, &... represents all the stuff that has to be done around December 31 to transition between Q4 of one year and Q1 of the next year.

Heard it in a LOVE Song Edit

We hope to someday integrate some real-time capabilities into WikiaPerl, using IRC channel bots for Wikia special interest group sites and even WikiProjects like Wikipedia:WikiProject Music.

One possible module is the Wikio - web radio station package. Wikiversity may even use Wikio for audio presentation of course materials andWikiaPerl for handling m:Learning object metadata.

You can set up attributes such as selectivity, integrity, scaleability and extensibility into object models

schedule Edit

Wednesday's &...


Wednesday' s Top 10 countdown, Top news stories, &...

item Edit


&... is a template for a $Song or other audio or media item.

list Edit


You can join or splice lists with a subroutine to be built later.

collection Edit

PLAYLIST editor I/0:&... @_ session variables and a pointer to that session's empty stack or something else yet to be defined.

WikiaPerl Edit

In a weekly context, &... (pronounced:An-da-da-da) is used as the queue position for the input/output handler in's modular interface environment or I/O module. See also: POE::GEN:: Object model


WEEK | Perl Wiki:WEEK | Template:WEEK | Main Page/WEEK Edit

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