The DOW value is a numeric value representing the Days Of the Week:


  1. Monday:1
  2. Tuesday:2
  3. Wednesday:3
  4. Thursday:4
  5. Friday:5
  6. Saturday:6

This is convenient for crafting simple weekly queue systems.

MediaWiki Edit

The DOW value is called in MediaWiki:


Current DOW value: 3

WikiaPerl Edit

The script, generates an octal reference...


Use of 7 in an octal schema produces a null, which can be used as a placeholder for a valid week. This can come in handy, Saturday night at midnight. See Chronology Edit

In WikiaPerl, the current friendly name equivalent of the DOW value is presented as an array:


The Day name is called in MediaWiki:


Current DOW value: Wednesday Edit

In the module, works from a hash:


It then produces template, {{WEEK}}:

0 - Su 1 - M 2 - Tu 3 - W 4 - Th 5 - F 6 - Sa

Template:WEEK then becomes a building-block within the chronological structure of WikiaPerl.

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