Friendly names are interfaces to objects used by the Human Community to set, reset, adjust and sustain values, parameters, booleans (yes/no), and other controls for agents and their associated machine components. The relationship between a control object and its human user is mapped through a special namespace within the user namespace in MediaWiki or other automated groupware environment.

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WikiaPerl Edit

Social software like WikiaPerl uses friendly names on the human side of an equation and a <HANDLER> file tuned to a dynamic variable such as {{CURRENTDOW}} or {{CURRENTWEEK}} forming a special namespace on the machine side. For example, User:Sunday "sees" {{CURRENTDAYNAME}} (the friendly name) and {{CURRENTDOW}} (the DOW value) as the same thing. The pseudouser Sunday can then do its tasks transparently without bothering the human with terse details, but present the user with english or other human-readable reports. The perl hash is constructed as:


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